Popular Nollywood Actor: Mokwenye Denilson Nnamdi  a.k.a HRH Snazzy is on the news again. This time around, the maverick movie actor and entrepreneur was spotted at Liberty International Airport, Newark, New Jersey in the United States of America.

Snazzy has thus far had an awesome year as he has continued to receive several awards, which recently culminated in being formally presented to the world as Ambassador for CIROC VODKA.

When pictures of his arrival started to circulate on the internet, Leisure Quest quickly made attempts to verify if the pictures are of any current or recent trip, and curiously to try and discover if he was travelling for business or pleasure.

After several attempts to contact the Nollywood Icon, HRH Snazzy placed a surprise call to leisure quest entertainment team, confirming the trip to the U.S which he said was both for business and short vacation. 

When further pressed for information, he revealed that the trip would also involve a movie project somewhere in Los Angelis on or about the middle of August, 2016.

When asked if he had decided to shift his career to Hollywood, he chuckled and said “The Movie Family is a Universal Home for Talents. You can act in any part of the world and still return to your home base. Remember, East or West, there is no place like home”.

Snazzy is know as a man of many talents, thus it comes as no surprise that most of his affiliate companies and businesses seem to do well under his supervision and strict management.

Snazzy friends and fans have been expressing the best wishes for him on his short trip and they say they can’t wait to have him back to light up the social atmosphere in and around the Asaba metropolis once again. 

See more pictures of Snazzy below:

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